How can we help?


We understand what it takes for a business to succeed. We will educate you on growth principles and foster relationships with experts to help you move your ideas forward. 


We will help you develop an action plan for your business and provide you with engaging tools that will expand commercial interest and get your business in front of your target market.


We will help you nurture your business and ensure that your creative ideas are realized through an achievable plan, sound business-to-business relationships, and access to vital resources.

What else do we offer?


We host classes, bootcamps, and other educational events that will help you develop key business skills.

Business Essentials

A logo, a website, and social media are just a few things that are critical for business success in today’s world. We’ll help you get everything set up.

Ongoing Support

We’ll help you monitor the growth of your business as you develop so you can track your progress. We’ll also be here to assist you as things change.

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Bridgette Wallace


Carolle Nau

Creative Director & Start-up Consultant

Ronette Seeney

Board Member

Fidelis Chimombe

Board Member

“There are two kinds of people in the world, those who took a risk, developed a plan, and acted on their dreams and those who did not.”

– Brandale Randolph, interview 2016 –

About us

Established by founder Bridgette Wallace, and located in the heart of Boston. Skylab Boston was created with the vision of bringing innovation and technology to the urban core. Committed to inspiring urban stakeholders, residents, and supporters to get involved in an ongoing process of community awareness and education to further economic development. Skylab Boston is actively engaged in developing partnerships with small businesses and educational institutions in Roxbury, MA and surrounding areas. Our goal is the restoration of Dudley Square through entrepreneurship and community empowerment.